Physical Therapist Salary By State

If you want detailed information about physical therapist salary by state 2018 then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post, you can get to know about physical therapy salary by state so you can find out the highest paying states and find a work there. We’ve seen many people are searching for physical therapist salary by state California, so if you are among them then below list will be helpful for you. Do note that there is a different kind of physical therapist out there and that’s why people are searching for pediatric physical therapist salary by state or occupational therapist salary.

We have searched for all of them and then prepared this list of highest physical therapist salary by state. Which means this physical therapist pay by state data have all kind of work streams and states. If you are looking for similar work, then read it out so you can know about physical therapist salary per state and then ask for the suitable amount. So, how much does a physical therapist make an hour?

NOTE: This PT pay scale by state does not include the salary of their assistants, so if you are going to work as an assistant, then salary range may differ for you. Here is the latest PT salary by state 2018.

Area nameHourly WageWeekly WageMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
United States$41.59$1,663$7,210$86,520
Alabama (AL)$41.25$1,650$7,151$85,810
Alaska (AK)$45.65$1,826$7,913$94,950
Arizona (AZ)$41.76$1,671$7,239$86,870
Arkansas (AR)$38.77$1,551$6,720$80,640
California (CA)$45.37$1,815$7,864$94,370
Colorado (CO)$37.54$1,502$6,507$78,080
Connecticut (CT)$43.13$1,725$7,477$89,720
Delaware (DE)$43.79$1,752$7,591$91,090
Washington, D.C.$41.69$1,668$7,227$86,720
Florida (FL)$42.20$1,688$7,314$87,770
Georgia (GA)$40.97$1,639$7,101$85,210
Hawaii (HI)$40.29$1,612$6,983$83,800
Idaho (ID)$37.75$1,510$6,543$78,520
Illinois (IL)$39.75$1,590$6,890$82,680
Indiana (IN)$40.02$1,601$6,938$83,250
Iowa (IA)$41.25$1,650$7,150$85,800
Kansas (KS)$38.36$1,534$6,648$79,780
Kentucky (KY)$41.99$1,679$7,278$87,330
Louisiana (LA)$40.56$1,623$7,031$84,370
Maine (ME)$40.33$1,613$6,991$83,890
Maryland (MD)$43.56$1,743$7,551$90,610
Massachusetts (MA)$40.67$1,627$7,050$84,600
Michigan (MI)$40.41$1,617$7,005$84,060
Minnesota (MN)$38.33$1,533$6,643$79,720
Mississippi (MS)$40.30$1,612$6,986$83,830
Missouri (MO)$37.64$1,506$6,524$78,290
Montana (MT)$34.56$1,382$5,990$71,880
Nebraska (NE)$38.66$1,546$6,701$80,410
Nevada (NV)$55.61$2,224$9,639$115,670
New Hampshire (NH)$38.06$1,522$6,597$79,160
New Jersey (NJ)$45.59$1,824$7,903$94,830
New Mexico (NM)$41.40$1,656$7,177$86,120
New York (NY)$40.33$1,613$6,991$83,890
North Carolina (NC)$39.30$1,572$6,812$81,740
North Dakota (ND)$33.34$1,334$5,779$69,350
Ohio (OH)$41.28$1,651$7,156$85,870
Oklahoma (OK)$39.67$1,587$6,876$82,510
Oregon (OR)$40.41$1,616$7,004$84,050
Pennsylvania (PA)$39.04$1,562$6,768$81,210
Puerto Rico (PR)$21.54$862$3,733$44,800
Rhode Island (RI)$43.15$1,726$7,479$89,750
South Carolina (SC)$38.38$1,535$6,652$79,820
South Dakota (SD)$36.22$1,449$6,278$75,330
Tennessee (TN)$40.18$1,607$6,965$83,580
Texas (TX)$45.57$1,823$7,899$94,790
Utah (UT)$41.48$1,659$7,190$86,280
Vermont (VT)$37.53$1,501$6,506$78,070
Virgin Islands (VI)$42.27$1,691$7,327$87,920
Virginia (VA)$42.64$1,706$7,391$88,690
Washington (WA)$41.04$1,642$7,113$85,360
West Virginia (WV)$41.20$1,648$7,141$85,690
Wisconsin (WI)$39.93$1,597$6,921$83,050
Wyoming (WY)$40.73$1,629$7,060$84,720

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