Physical Therapist Salary | How Much Do Physical Therapists Make?

The salary of Physical Therapist depends on the experience, education, location, and the skills a person have. So how much is physical therapist salary 2018? If you are searching answer of this question, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post, we are going to tell you about physical therapist incomes and physical therapist assistant salary too. Physical therapy (PT) is also known by the name “physiotherapy” that is why many people are searching for how much is physiotherapist salary?. It really doesn’t matter what you have searched, the result remains the same.

Physical Therapist is one of the most allied health professionals who works to improve a patient’s quality of life. Other than clinical practice, the work of physical therapist includes research, education, consultation, and administration. This is why many people look for physical therapist hourly wages as their work can be done within hours also.

Physical Therapist Salary

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a physical therapist starting salary or average physical therapist salary, you can get to know about them in this post. Moreover, there are some people who are looking for other jobs as well with similar pay, so if you are among them then you can head over to compare section. You can also get to know about physical therapist aide salary in this post. Always try to find a job which suits your interest and which is around your locality. Doing so will help you both professionally and personally. We will recommend you to start doing a job with whatever salary you are getting and gain experience first. So, let’s start reading more about salary for physical therapist.

Physical Therapists Average Salary | Physical Therapy Salary

Above we have given data about the salary of physical therapy and if you want to know about the average physical therapist salary 2017 then you can check out the table below. As we told earlier that it completely depends on the location and experience of a person that how much he charges, but if you want to get an average estimate of the salary then you can check it out. Moreover, you can also get to know about the physical therapist salary in Texas below in this post.

If you are a physical therapist in the United States or going to be one, then you will be happy to know that the average annual salary for physical therapist in the US is 103% higher than the average income of Americans. If you want more detailed data, then check out the table below.

 Hourly WageWeekly WageMonthly PayAnnual Income
PT Pay$41.59$1,663$7,210$86,520
National Income$20.45$818$3,545$42,540

How Much do Physical Therapists Make?

Either it is an occupational therapist assistant salary or a pediatric physical therapist salary everyone wants to know about how much does a physical therapist make? There are many factors which decide the salary, but few of them are location, experience and the number of cases.

Median pay (annual)84,020 USD (2015)
Median pay (hourly)40.4 USD (2015)
Entry level educationDoctoral or professional degree
Projected 10-year growth34% (2014)
Number of jobs210,900 (2014)

PT Salary Range or Physical Therapists Pay Scale

Well, above is the table where you can get to know about the average salary of physical therapist, but the salary range is different when it comes to the area, experience, and the working industry. For example,  traveling physical therapist salary and sports physical therapist salary will be completely different from each other.

That is why many people are searching for a pediatric physical therapy salary because most of them work in this field. So the salary range can go from $29.13 hourly to $56.25 hourly depending on the wages percentile. In a year you can earn about $60,600 to $117,000 being a physical therapist.

Wage %10%25%50%75%90%

Best Paying States For Physical Therapists

There are many people out there who are searching for ATI physical therapy salary and if you are among them then you can check out below table. The salary for physical therapy depends on the location too and the tax system of the state, so it may differ in each state. That is why there is a separate post for physical therapist salary by state on this blog.

We have searched and list down top 10 highest paying physical therapist salary states in the US. Even if you want to know physical therapist salary NY then you can check it out. However, the results will be different if you want to know about physical therapist assistant salary in Florida.

Physical Therapist Salary Range

StateSalary (hourly)
1. California$37.00
2. New Jersey$36.46
3. Maryland$36.11
4. Nevada$26.07
5. Rhode Island$35.92
6. Alaska$35.78
7. Texas$35.54
8. Louisiana$35.23
9. Illinois$35.11
10. West Virginia$35.10

Best Paying Cities For Physical Therapists

When it comes to the job of a physical therapist, many people want to do that in the same city in which they are living. This not only helps them in reducing the living cost but allows them to earn more too. That is why many people are searching for a salary of physical therapy in their cities like physical therapist salary California and physical therapist salary in Florida.

Below you can find a physical therapist assistant salary in Texas and other cities which are paying the highest physical therapy salary. By analyzing salaries from different cities you will get to know that the salary of physical therapists in cities differs from $100,000 to $85,000. We have listed the top 20 highest paying physical therapist cities below.

RankCityMedian SalaryCost of LivingScore
1Sherman-Denison, TX$100,1307881.1
3Jacksonville, FL$93,5408863.9
4Gadsden, AL$89,0708263.2
5Deltona-Daytona Beach, FL$90,1808663.1
6Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, MI$83,8308162.4
7New Brunswick, NJ$91,80012259.1
8New Bedford, MA$89,93057.7
9Punta Gorda, FL$85,1209857.1
10Waterbury, CT$85,36010755.4
11Gary, IN$86,6808654.8
12Macon, GA$86,7508553.9
13Nassau-Suffolk, NY$85,79010853.2
14Port St.Lucie, FL$82,7809152.9
15Cumberland, MD-WV$92,9109150.5
16Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL$83,8509249.6
17Danbury, CT$84,63013348.6
18Peabody, MA$83,18014946.3
19Naples, FL$89,41016144.7
20New Haven, CT$85,41011644.6

How Much Do Physical Therapist Make

Highest Paying Industries For Physical Therapists Wages

As we said earlier, that there are different industries and areas in which a physical therapist can earn a good income. It really doesn’t matter if you open a clinic or work in some office as a physical therapist, your payscale completely depends on the location and the experience you have.

Similarly, home health physical therapy salary is said to be the highest paying physical therapist salary. If you want to get paid more, then you can consider doing the job in Home Health Care Services sector and earn about $95,000 as physical therapist annual salary.

Home Health Care Services$45.88$1,835$7,953$95,440
Management Scientific and Technical Consulting Services$44.31$1,773$7,681$92,170
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services$44.26$1,771$7,673$92,070
Administrative and Support Services$44.26$1,771$7,673$92,070
Employment Services$44.25$1,770$7,669$92,030

PTA Salary For Metropolitan & PTA Salary For Non-Metropolitan Areas

Above you can find data of salary of physical therapist in different states and cities, but do you know that the salary of physical therapist also depends on the area. We have searched about the doctor of physical therapy salary 2017 and found that there is a huge difference between the salary of a physical therapist in metropolitan areas and salary of a physical therapist in non-metropolitan areas.

Also, orthopedic physical therapy salary is pretty higher than other kinds of the physical therapist. Below we have labeled some of the highest paying metropolitan areas for physical therapist.

Metro areaHourlyWeeklyMonthlyAnnual
Las Vegas-Paradise NV$58.60$2,344$10,157$121,880
Fairbanks AK$54.87$2,195$9,510$114,120
Jacksonville FL$53.63$2,145$9,295$111,540
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission TX$53.38$2,135$9,253$111,030
Roanoke VA$53.21$2,128$9,223$110,680

Do note that these salary figures don’t include physical therapy assistant salary which can be slightly higher in some cases. If you will search for occupational therapy vs physical therapy salary then you will get to know about the difference between them. Below are the salary details of physical therapy in non-metropolitan areas.

Non-metro areaHourlyWeeklyMonthlyAnnual
Upper Eastern Shore Maryland$57.65$2,306$9,993$119,920
Northwest Iowa$56.84$2,274$9,853$118,230
Other Nevada$55.50$2,220$9,620$115,440
Lower Savannah South Carolina$54.62$2,185$9,467$113,600
Sussex County Delaware$51.54$2,062$8,933$107,200

Average Physical Therapist Pay vs. Other Best Jobs

So now you know how much do physical therapist make and in this post we have mentioned a different kind of physical therapist salary too. Though it completely depends on experience, location and person what is salary will be, but if you will look at physical therapist salary by state then you can get an overview of it. There are different streams and jobs out there that’s why the pay differs too.

If you are searching for PT salary 2018, then you can read it above as we have mentioned about the latest physical therapist salary 2018. If you have any questions regarding the average salary of a physical therapist or want us to tell something about it, then do let us know your views via contact us page.